Case Management

Smap supports case management, that is the use of longitudinal data in assessments. Case managment can be added to any form by identifying the case data. The subject of the case can be anything on which you are collecting data. Agriculture plots, environmental repairs, medical patients etc

Case Data

Case data is added to a form by using "calculate" questions that pull data from another form or from a previous interview with the same form. For example you can include address information from a previous interview (Simple case data) or an array of records from from a previous interview (Repeated case data)

Simple Case Data

Shows a single item of case data that matches a key. For example the name of the person being interviewed can be shown based on an identifier read from a barcode

Repeated case data

Where multiple records will match a key you can show the case data inside a repeating group. So details on multiple previous interviews can be shown. For example the medications prescribed on previous visits can be shown. To include repeated case data you also have to specify a key (such as identifier) and request a repeated case data file be generated.

Merging Data

When using case data you should specify a key "policy" of "merge" when new data is added. This policy will specify a merge key such as a patient identifier. Then if a form enters a new value for a case data item that case data item will be updated on the server and the updated value made available as case data for future interviews. However new repeating groups, such as details on each patient visit, will be append to the existing repeats for that case.

Alternative key policies are (1) "add" where duplicate records will be created each time new results are submitted (2) "Discard" where new results that have the same key as an existing key are dropped.

Automatic Refresh

It is recommended that you use automatic refresh with case management. When any user updates case data all other phones that are using that case data will be updated automatically

Creating Case Management Forms

You can use any ODK editor such as XLSForm to create these. Some of the settings will need to be applied in the Smap Online editor. These include the key merge policy and the specification of the key for repeated case data

Case Studies - Medical Clinics

Viewing case data while completing a form

Case Data
Multi stage within form