Android Setup


  • Set the display to non auto-rotate. It can be distracting for the data collector to have the screen rotate while they are asking questions.
  • Set the display timeout to 2 minutes at least. Its also very distracting to have to keep re-entering a pin or pressing the power button to show the screen again. Its also not necessary to have such a short time out as when you are completing a survey you will be using the phone continuously.
  • Turn on GPS if location is required.
  • Make sure the date and timezone are correct. This is very important for quality assurance as you want to know when again survey was completed. If the time on the server differs from the time on the device by more than 10 minutes then the enumerator will see a warning when they upload results.
  • Place the FieldTask app on the home screen

Trouble Shooting

  • If you are having trouble sending results then maybe your phone does not have a network connection. Try using the browser on the phone to connect to google and check that you can search for some information and get a response.
  • If your phone is completely broken then if you can remove your SD Card all the unsubmitted data should be on that. Remove it and put it into a different phone then submit the data.