Change History

The change history page is part of the Online Editor. To get to it, select a survey to edit then select Tools then Change History.

Each time a survey is changed the following information is recorded in the change history.

  • The version number created by the change
  • A description of the change
  • The person who made the changed
  • Date and Time
  • File. The XLS file if the survey was replaced by another XLS Form. Or the PDF template if a new template was loaded.
  • Message. Any errors or other messages from the system about the change.


The diagram below shows the changes page for a survey that has the following history:

  • Initially loaded from an XLS Form (Version 1)
  • Using the online editor two new questions were added, and a label and a relevance were changed. (Version 2)
  • The survey form was exported, modified in a spreadsheet editor and then this updated XLSForm was used to replace the Survey (Version 3)
Change History

Change History

The changes made in the online editor are shown directly in the change history. Individual changes such as a new question added, are not shown when the changes were made in an XLSForm and then this file replaces the existingHowever survey. However a link is provided to the XLSForm that was loaded so that it can be downloaded and inspected.

Relating Results to Survey Versions

Survey Version in Results

Survey Version in Results

Exported results include the survey name and version for each record. In the above example the first record was submitted using version 1 of the survey, the second using version 3.

Since version 3 had more questions, the answers to these are missing from the first record. However using the version number recorded next to each record along with the change history it is possible to assess the impact of using an older version on the data quality.