A case management system is concerned with managing individual records of data that correspond to something or someone in the real world. These people or things could be:

  • Medical patients
  • Complaints and feedback from customers or beneficiaries. In this case it is the complaint that is being managed rather than the person making the complaint.
  • Plots of land subject to a long term improvement plan where the plan is managed by the case management system.
  • Infrastructure such as water pumps, roads, buildings

Why use Mobile Data Collection (MDC)

MDC tools such as FieldTask/Smap are used extensively in international development for M&E. Forms are completed on phones or tablets, and the data is then sent electronically to a server for analysis. When you create a survey for MDC you are creating an application without using code, an application that is ready for data entry, has data tables for storage and interfaces to analysis dashboards and to other apps. Advanced features available with tools such as FieldTask allow you to extend these surveys into case management systems


Surveys are used to collect data and guidance can be added to the surveys in order to provide services effectively while maintaining a focus on individuals.

Case Management

Case Management

With case management we add process to the procedures and forms already in the users phones. This enables the delivery of much more sophisticated services.

An added benefit is that these case management systems generate a large amount of real time data data on what is happening in the field which supports better and quicker analysis.