Pulldata from Subforms

Old Way (obsolete)


This is the clunky old way of getting data for subforms. The new pulldata() function available in FT 6.200 and above now supports looking up multiple values and you should use that approach instead.


Example Survey. This survey shows comments from previous visits and then gets a comment from the current visit.

To look up data from another survey you will need its identifier. (Survey Identifier). For a normal pull data this identifier just needs to be specified in a search function or pulldata function in order to get lookup data in the survey. However in this case, since data from sub forms is also required we need to specify that a csv reference file be generated containing the sub form data grouped by data in the main form.

This can be done in the online editor by:

  1. Selecting the menu File then Repeating Pulldata
  2. Enter the survey identifier in the survey field
  3. Enter the data key.
  4. Then press Save

Once this is done you will be able to look up the repeating data by specifiying the data key value and all the repeats matching that key value will be returned.

Repeating Pulldata

Specifying Repeating Pulldata

Resultant CSV File (obsolete)

A CSV file generated for repeating pulldata

Repeating CSV File

The CSV file has two special columns

  1. _data_key: Contains the value of the key for each record
  2. _count: Contains the number of repeating records for that key

The other columns contain the data that you request in your pulldata() functions

In the _data_key column are the unique keys that the pulldata function can use to extract the data. Where the record is for data within a begine repeat then these have an “_” and a number appended to the key. So in the example above the key value of “1” has two repeating records with key values “1_1” and “1_2”

The pulldata function (obsolete)

Identify the form using:

linked_s_pd_{survey identifier}

linked_s means get the data from another survey and not from a CSV file. _pd means the data will be in the repeating pull data format.


pulldata('linked_s_pd_self', 'comment', '_data_key', ${visit_key} )
This means get the value from the question comment from previous submissions to this survey
where the key is the value in the question called 'visit_key'.